Seann William Scott says Goon 2 will start filming in June


At this point I think everyone has had the pleasure of checking out the underrated sports gem GOON. If not, get on that pronto and prepare yourself for a funny and oftentimes heartwarming tale of enforcer Doug Glatt (played to perfection by Seann William Scott) as he literally fights his way through minor league hockey. Writer Jay Baruchel has said that a sequel was in the works for some time now, but it looks like we finally have a production date. Thanks to an AMA Sean William Scott took part in on reddit, production will start in just a few months time! You can check out his exact quote below.

Sean William Scott on the progress of GOON 2:

Heh! Well, I did a bit of fight training for GOON. For GOON 2, I've been fight-training for the past month, and next month in May I start working with an MMA fighter, and then some skating (obviously, a lot of skating). We start shooting GOON 2 in mid-June, and if everybody does their jobs and we execute the amazing script that Jay and his co-writer wrote, the fucking movie would be wicked.

SLAPSHOT is always singled out for being one of the greatest sports films, and rightfully so. It's vulgar shenanigans suit the sport so well, and I was overjoyed to see GOON kept that intact. I'm not sure about the need for a sequel, but if Scott and Baruchel are this jazzed about the story, I'm willing to give it a shot. Here's hoping it lives up to the fun of the first film!

GOON 2 goes into production in July, but you can check out Seann William Scott in JUST BEFORE I GO, which opens in limited theaters this Friday.

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