Season 2 of Cage & Goldblum: Roomies - "Con Air 2 Set Visit" (video)

In the 2-part season finale of CAGE & GOLDBLUM: ROOMIES, JoBlo.com's Eric Walkuski pays a visit to the set of the Nicolas Cage-penned CON AIR 2. Al Pacino and Jeff Goldblum quickly take over the set visit and interview such celebs as Steve Buscemi, Sean Connery, Gary Busey, and more! The team then head to the first test screening of the film and run into a very special surprise guest who agrees to help them with the reshoots. With the premiere of CON AIR 2 coming up next month, will the ROOMIES get the film together in time? Find out in CAGE & GOLDBLUM: ROOMIES Season Finale Part 2 coming very soon! CAGE & GOLDBLUM: ROOMIES is created by Berge Garabedian and animated by Dylan Sprague. The second season was written by Mike Sprague & John Fallon and directed by The Sprague Brothers. All voice work is performed by Jason Stephens with theme music by Michael Battista.

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CAGE & GOLDBLUM: ROOMIES Season Finale Part 2 hits later this summer!

Check out previous season of Roomies HERE if you need to catch up!

Source: JoBlo.com



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