Secretary: The Movie

Have you ever thought about banging your secretary? (that is, if you were powerful enough to have one) Of course you have...we all have (at least, most of the guys), so here's a film, and a kickass poster, that is sure to stir up...well, "something" in you. The film is called SECRETARY, it stars James Spader, Maggie Gyllenhaal (that's right, Jake Gyllenhaal's sister (DONNIE DARKO, BUBBLE BOY), Jeremy Davies, Lesley Ann Warren, and it received a Special Jury Prize for Originality at this year's Sundance Film Festival. It's set to open in NY and LA on September 20, 2002, and expanding on October 4, 2002. You can also check out the OFFICIAL WEBSITE here. Here's the film's brief synopsis, as well as some pics:

"Lee Holloway (Maggie Gyllenhaal) has a few strikes against her when she applies for a secretarial position at the law office of E. Edward Grey (James Spader). First, she was released only recently from a mental institution; second, after only one day back with her dysfunctional suburban family, she has already succumbed to her secret, self-destructive habit. Although she's never had a job in her life, Lee is hired by the mysterious lawyer, Mr. Grey. At first the work seems quite normal but soon, in between typing, filing and coffee-making, Lee and Mr. Grey embark on a more personal relationship together, crossing lines of conduct that would give any human resource director the vapors."

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