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When Oscar night rolls around, most people haven't managed to catch all (or any) of the Best Picture nominees. AMC Theatres wants to help you out with that, especially if you've got an entire day to devote to staring at a screen and packing your gob with popcorn.

On Saturday, February 23rd, your local AMC is offering an all-day pass for the five films up for the statue. For thirty bucks, you can have Clooney for litigious brunch all the way through Coens for a violent late snack, and they'll toss in a free barrel of refillable popcorn to keep your innards crammed with lubricated fiber during the day. And you can come and go as you like, which is handy if the pathos of ATONEMENT is more than your bowels can bear, or the preciousness of JUNO causes dizziness or nausea.

Not a bad deal! Check the details and theater options RIGHT HERE!
Extra Tidbit: Add a hot dog for 2 dollars! Mmm, delicious pig parts in an edible skin.
Source: AMC



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