See Bond rip the back of a train right off in this first clip from Skyfall, plus some new stills from the film!

Skyfall quad trimmed

One of the many fascinating facets about Bond, and the Daniel Craig rendition in particular, is how (within a certain basic code of morality) he'll do whatever it takes to accomplish his mission. Be it from loyalty to MI6 or the desire to safeguard others or simply the weight of his own ego, Bond won't let go and he won't back down.  He improvises, he free-falls, he takes terrible chances - and in the end, because he's Bond and he's resolute and he possesses his own special set of skills, they pay off.

If you can't tell yet what I'm driving at, this ripping first clip from SKYFALL showcases just that.  

Check it out below, let us know what you think below that, and make sure to stay tuned as more promotional material in this vein is sure to drop as SKYFALL's November 9th release date draws near.  Bond's latest adventure will also debut in IMAX cinemas a day early on November 8th.

Skyfall shirtless still 1

Skyfall shirtless still 2

Skyfall shirtless still 3

Skyfall suit still 2

Skyfall suit still 1

Extra Tidbit: Only four Ian Fleming-created Bond titles remain unused: The Property of a Lady, The Hildebrand Rarity, Risico, and 007 in New York (or Agent 007 in New York).



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