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No, unfortunately this isn't one of our advance screening ticket giveaways (not yet anyway...).  But I can provide you with some pretty neat information on how to see ATTACK OF THE CLONES four days before it's released in theaters.   Screenings will be held in 11 cities throughout the USA and Canada on Sunday, May 12th to benefit children's charities in each of the cities.  So if you live in one of the following cities - New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Toronto, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Denver, Dallas, or Seattle - you're in luck. 

Here's what to do:  visit www.starwars.com/episodeii and click on the news story about the charity screenings.  There you will find links to each of the separate charities and the contact person for this event.  Simply contact the individual charity from your town and they'll get you all the details.  In an earlier edition of this report I incorrectly stated that a ticket may be rewarded in exchange for a donation.  Let me clarify -- No donation is required to purchase a ticket to this event.  If you want to make a donation IN ADDITION to purchasing a ticket, you may do so.  But you do not have to to get a ticket.  Tickets are purchased just as you would any other event.

In other STAR WARS news, if your a spoiler junkie and just can't stand to not know what'll happen in the upcoming film, you can read the first detailed script review (at least that I've seen) by Moriarty over at AICN.  There's a non-spoiler portion and a spoiler portion to satisfy those of differing tastes. 

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