See how Alfonso Cuaron defied Gravity with these behind the scenes photos and featurette

If you have seen the latest marketing for GRAVITY, you know they are capitalizing on the groundbreaking nature of the film. Everyone from James Cameron to NASA scientists have weighed in on how realistic the portrayal of being in space is in Alfonso Cuaron's film. The word masterpiece is thrown around a little too often these days, but GRAVITY is certainly looking to be one hell of a monumental movie in cinema history.

There have been lots of different techniques used to create the illusion of space including harnesses and green screen. Ron Howard famously filmed Tom Hanks and the cast of APOLLO 13 in hundreds of flights in their anti-gravity simulation airplane. But, Cuaron has done a lot more and the results are amazing.

Dread Central has posted a number of behind the scenes images from the filming of GRAVITY (courtesy of Entertainment Weekly) that show the custom suits, camera rigs, and even a massive LED screen to simulate specific lighting, all to achieve the result of what it would feel like to be in outer space. There is also a new featurette that goes through the 3D filming that Cuaron used to enhance the movie even more.

GRAVITY is shaping up to be a film that must be experienced in the movie theater to achieve the best immersive results. I know I will be first in line when GRAVITY opens on October 4th.

Extra Tidbit: I am seriously digging Sandra Bullock with the short hair and the exposed legs. Damn.
Source: Dread Central



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