See John Williams compose new music while J.J. Abrams talks about Star Wars

Bill Whitaker has a piece on 60 Minutes where he speaks with J.J. Abrams about (big surprise) STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, and he was goodly enough to share a preview of that with CBSN'S Contessa Brewer. Now, what makes this preview especially special, is that he's at the scoring sessions with John freakin' Williams, and you can actually hear some of the new music being composed for the film! Yes, it's just as great as it sounds! What are you waiting for?!?

Regardless of what you think about the end result of the prequels, I think we can all agree that John Williams delivered some amazing music for those films; arguably the widest margin between the strength of a film's score and the weakness of it script. In any case, I never would have imagined that the maestro would return to this universe and the fact we'll have (at least) one more STAR WARS score from him makes me a kid again. Also, I just have to point out that I LOVE that Abrams is the kind of guy who's recording this with his phone because he's such a fan. Right there with ya, man! Now who's ready for some leitmotif?!?

STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS hits theaters in 7 days!

Source: CBSN



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