See new footage from Transformers: The Last Knight with this IMAX featurette

Transformers The Last Knight banner

Say what you will about the TRANSFORMERS movies, but they sure have offered up some gorgeous eye-candy over the years. Granted, it's rarely worth the price of admission, but perhaps that'll change with their latest feature, THE LAST KNIGHT. Speaking of, IMAX has rolled out a new featurette that talks about the series as a whole and shows off some new footage from the latest. Check it out!

I will put money down that somehow, Optimus Prime is knighted in this movie. In any case, I checked out of the Transformers series long ago so I have little interest in what THE LAST KNIGHT has to offer, but it does interest me that they shot (at least some) scenes in native IMAX 3D. I can only image how pretty THAT must look! We'll see if it's enough to coax me into the theaters after the first trailer hits!

TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT will open in theaters on June 23, 2017.

Transformers The Last Knight poster

Source: IMAX



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