See the Bond girls for Skyfall in action with new videoblogs!

As usual, the Bond girls are every bit a piece of the 007 legacy, and the new girls for SKYFALL are no different. Bérénice Marlohe as Severine and Naomie Harris as Eve are the latest ladies preparing to grace the screen in the next chapter of Bond and are featured in these videoblogs from 007.com.

Marlohe's video shows some behind the scenes stuff and a lot of standing around and having her picture taken.  Harris' video is a horse of a different color; she pretty much just shoots the shit out of a bunch of pistols and rifles from start to finish, saying that she has been training for "19 months." 

Maybe it's the British accent, but I replayed it five times to make sure I heard it right.  The average U.S. Army infantryman trains for 14 weeks before going to their unit.  So, basically, if Ms. Harris has, in fact, been training for that long, she could possibly have the skills to be a special forces operator. 

She elaborates that she will be filming for seven months, making it a whopping 26 months spent on SKYFALL.  I'm optimistic that the movie will be good, but man, that's one hell of an investment!  I suppose it's a chance you take for your career as being a Bond girl isn't given to everyone, although I'd love to see what Rebel Wilson would bring to the table as one of the famed girls.

SKYFALL is set to open October 24, 2012

Extra Tidbit: 26 months working on a film?? Are we being punk'd by Stanley Kubrick??
Source: 007.com



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