See the Fantastic Four's powers in this new ad and promo images

The latest commercial for Josh Trank's FANTASTIC FOUR may just be a promo for MovieTickets.com, but it also gives us our clearest look at both The Thing and Johnny Storm. It is interesting to note just how different the Human Torch appears in the new version and yet very much the same as we are used to. Yes, he is covered in flames like the version Chris Evans played, but the Michael B. Jordan iteration of the character looks to be on fire rather than made of it.

There are a couple of new promo images as well which serve as combined versions of images we have already seen, but the new images do offer a nice idea of the scale between the three human heroes and their rocky compatriot. The Thing has usually been shown as slightly taller than the other heroes or, in the case of the Michael Chiklis version, the same height as the rest of the team. Trank's take transforms Jamie Bell's Ben Grimm into a Hulk-sized member of the squad.

I am optimistic about FANTASTIC FOUR after seeing the full trailer and latest posters. Many have criticized the dour tone and dark palette on display, but it feels very similar to Matthew Vaughn's X-MEN: FIRST CLASS and Bryan Singer's DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. If 20th Century Fox is attempting a cinematic universe with these properties, FANTASTIC FOUR looks like it will fit right in.

FANTASTIC FOUR hits theaters on August 7th.



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