September 18, 1962? The trailer for Super 8 reveals a website

I think it's safe to say that the majority of us are really looking forward to SUPER 8.

That said, you might also be interested in the viral campaign for the film. Thanks to a heads up from one of our readers, AJ, we have something cool to share with you. Last week when we debuted the full trailer, there was something hidden at the end. Within one of the very quick flickering frames of the camera, a website is revealed: S8Editingroom.com. When you head there, you will see a reel of film dangling in front of you. When you hit the arrow on the right, the carousel will take you to another reel. There are only two reels. Down on the left side if you click on the switch you can watch a "secret government" video. You have to wait patiently because the actual footage is spread out. I won't reveal anymore so you can check it out for yourself.

The screenshot I took at the top shows the website, but I've also embedded the trailer so you can go over it again if you so please.

Extra Tidbit: Did you guys find anything else interesting in the trailer?
Source: Super 8 website



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