Sesame Street parodies Stranger Things again with Cookiegorgon skit

Grab some Eggo waffles, a walkie-talkie, and don't forget to feed your baby Demogorgon, because Sesame Street is planning a trip to the "Snackside-down" for for an adorable STRANGER THINGS parody. This past Halloween, the timeless children's educational program announced their "Sharing Things" parody by way of a fun teaser trailer. Now, the full skit has arrived, and it sees Cookie Monster in the role of the Cookiegorgon, a snack-devouring monstrosity from the Snackside-down.

You can check out the full skit in the tweet posted below:

Of course, no Sesame Street parody would be complete without teaching viewers a valuable life lesson, and in the case of Cookiegorgon, the lovable, blue cookie-muncher is taught the value of sharing. Taking up the roles of Netflix's popular sci-fi series is Grover as Lucas, Ernie as Dustin, and the number 11 as, yup, Eleven. Barb and Joyce also make an appearance, adding drama and hilarity to the mix. For real though, stay tuned for the scene that plays during the ending credits. It's Barb-centric and rather dark, if you ask me.

In the past, Sesame Street has parodied franchises like GAME OF THRONES, AVENGERS, and STAR WARS to entertain audience members while simultaneously highlighting the value of being a good person to those around you. Personally, I've been a fan of Sesame Street for as long as I can remember, and I've loved watching the show grow and adapt to popular culture throughout the years. Honestly, I wish they did more of these parody skits, as I can imagine plenty of scenarios where spoofing films like BLADE RUNNER and IT would make for some outrageously funny material.

Source: Twitter



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