Set phasers on spoon

The "final frontier"? It's your bowl.

If you miss the childhood days when every big summer movie was an opportunity for the headache-inducing sweetness of a new breakfast cereal, Kellogg's is thinking of you. Bless them.

As part of STAR TREK's promotion, the food (?) company is unleashing a tie-in cereal which, as should all proper cereals, is loaded with random marshmallow objects (Galaxy, Planet Vulcan, Planet Earth, and Blue, Yellow, and Red Delta Shields) and intense amounts of sugar. And some kind of oat things that aren't as interesting or delicious. Basically the same exact junk they toss in a box for almost every "limited edition" movie cereal, but still... yum.

The company's various TREK promotions (spanning Eggo, Pop Tarts, Fudge Stripes and other food-like substances) also include shirts, flash drives, plates and "beam-up badges" (Starfleet, Klingon and Romulan), which surprisingly will actually transport you somewhere if you eat enough nutritious high-fructose corn syrup. Free trip to the emergency room!

Extra Tidbit: Why can't all the cereal pieces be marshmallows? Feh.
Source: Kellogs



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