Set Spoilers: How is Peggy Carter looking in Captain America: The Winter Soldier?

This should come as no shock to anyone but Peggy Carter is not immortal. She was 20-something when we were first introduced to her in CAPTAIN AMERICA, however she aged just like everyone else. The world did not stand still while Cap was frozen so when you see Hayley Atwell as Carter in the sequel you should know she's no longer a spring chicken.

Why the spoiler tag? Maybe you don't want to see what she looks like. Perhaps you'd rather wait to be surprised in the theater. Some photos were snapped of the actress on set outside of a home that is said to have been converted into a nursing home.

I've also added a good pic of Cap's helmet. We don't get to see the rest of the costume close up since Chris Evans has covered himself with a black cape. There's also a video of a fight scene between Cap and Winter Soldier. You can spot Black Widow running off to the right side. They slow it down so you won't miss it.



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