Set Visit Preview: Iron Man 2

Okay, here’s the deal… yesterday, I got to spend a little time on the set of IRON MAN 2. Marvel Studios was kind enough to invite a handful of online journalists to get a glimpse inside the Iron Man Workshop Set so we could share what we experienced!

We were the first press allowed to step inside and see what was happening with Tony Stark. And after we arrived and sat down with Marvel’s Kevin Feige, he spoke about the future of Marvel and of course, IRON MAN. After this nice long conversation, we made way for the set. And now for the bad news… I can’t share anything that we saw until further down the road, you have to wait a little while for more details. This drives me crazy because I really want share what I saw with everyone. And trust me on this when I say it’ll be worth the wait.

Completely and terribly Photoshopped

I can tell you that we were able to have a very lengthy conversation with Mr. Jon Favreau as he kept coming back to chat. He gave us as much time as he possibly could have, in fact, I can honestly say that I have never seen a director more welcoming to online press than he was.

We spoke to him for at least an hour and a half. He even shared a story with us about what they call a “challenge coin” which is bestowed on others in the name of respect. He then proceeded to honor each of us with one he had specially made for us. You will be hearing about this and much more as soon as we can expand upon our visit. But I will say that Jon is easily one of the most down to earth and friendly fellas in the business. Honestly, he makes you feel like a welcome guest as he shares with you as much as he possibly can.

After we spoke to Jon several times and took a quick walk through the set, we waited for awhile to speak to the main man himself. It was all about Robert Downey Jr. and it was an absolute pleasure to hear the two guys chat about the second film. With all this, while I was curious about seeing what would happen with IRON MAN 2 before I got there, I am much more than curious now. In fact, I am absolutely thrilled.

In the next few weeks you will be hearing a ton more details about our visit which will include the interviews and a more in-depth description of what we witnessed. IRON MAN 2 will be finding its way into theatres May 7th, 2010 and JoBlo will be following it every step of the way.

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