Seth MacFarlane to direct and star in western comedy, A Million Ways to Die in the West

Did any of you see TED? Well, someone must have because the film was not only a surprise hit, but made $501 million worldwide. Because of the success, the movie will get a sequel which is in early development. However, Seth MacFarlane is also willing to deliver original works, like this next project he's got cooking.

MacFarlane and TED co-writers Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild have penned a western comedy titled, A MILLION WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST. The plot has been described, "as a Blazing Saddles-style movie -- meaning a Western with contemporary humor, with one undercurrent being just how dangerous and painful life really was in the late 1800s. The script, said to be laced with MacFarlane’s hallmark racy humor, also calls for a romantic female lead."

In addition to writing, MacFarlane will also direct and star in the film for Summer 2013.

I have no issues with this. I've always enjoyed MacFarlane's brand of humor, and hope that he turns out some decent comedies in the years to come.

Source: THR



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