Seth Rogen co-directing Jay and Seth vs. The Apocalypse next year

I thought this film was dead and gone, but not so. It appears that Seth Rogen's busy schedule has finally freed up enough to let him get to JAY AND SETH VS. THE APOCALYPSE, his end times buddy comedy with Jay Baruchel.

We saw a teaser trailer for it last year (which you can see below) but that was more of a showcase of the concept than anything else. But now the project is back on track, and Rogen is excited about it.

"It's now much more than just Jay and Seth -- there's many other people vs. the apocalypse now. It's gonna be crazy."

Rogen also says the film is "oddly personal" which probably means that he and Baruchel are probably just going to be themselves as their character names would suggest.

Rogen is co-directing with writing partner Evan Goldberg, and I wonder who else they've brought on board? I fully expect a full roster of Apatow usual suspects, but any special requests?

Extra Tidbit: In the same interview Rogen says he will NOT be in KNOCKED UP spin-off THIS IS FORTY.
Source: Movies.com



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