Seth Rogen to direct and star in the assassination comedy The Interview, possibly opposite James Franco

Seth Rogen and James Franco are bros. The guys have been buddies for a long time and any time they appear on screen together, it comes across as natural and fun. I enjoyed PINEAPPLE EXPRESS a lot and I am looking forward to THIS IS THE END. But, they may reteam again for THE INTERVIEW, and this project sounds just as batshit as all their previous collaborations.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Seth Rogen co-wrote the screenplay for THE INTERVIEW with frequent buddy Evan Goldberg and Dan Sterling of THE DAILY SHOW. Rogen will produce and direct the project as well. Discussions with Franco are preliminary, but I would think it looks good for this to happen. Here's the plot, which sounds perfect for these guys.

A topical comedy, the story revolves around a handsome talk show host (potentially Franco) and his producer (Rogen) who find themselves in way over their heads when they get involved in a plot to assassinate the prime minister of North Korea.

In terms of scale, I can only imagine what kind of catastrophe these two knuckleheads could get into, but you can imagine it will be raunchy and hilarious. North Korea has become the go to bad guy for movies these days. Depending on how things develop politically, it will all depend on how things hinge which could affect production of this movie. But, for the short term, we can contemplate the hijinks these guys can get into.



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