Seth Rogen to star in a spy comedy for Disney?

Seth Rogen's last foray into the action-comedy, THE GREEN HORNET, didn't exactly go over very well. It was a noble effort, I suppose, but in the end, misguided. But Rogen is ready to give it another shot with the Disney action-spy-comedy THE B TEAM.

THE B TEAM, which was coincidentally the original title for THE OTHER GUYS, would follow what happens when a world class spy (think James Bond) is kidnapped, leaving his tech support team (led by Rogen) to rescue him. It's a halfway decent concept, especially since Rogen plays "bumbling" so well.

Rogen will be producing the film and supervising a rewrite on a script written three years ago by Derek Guiley and David Schneiderman.

Though he's allegedly directing THE APOCALYPSE in early 2012 with friends Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill and James Franco, Rogen has been stretching his wings lately starring in the dramedy MY MOTHER'S CURSE with Barbra Streisand and the romantic drama TAKE THIS WALTZ for director Sarah Polley. Rogen is currently set to host the Independent Spirit Awards next month.

And starting yesterday, you can now officially follow Rogen on Twitter.

Source: Variety



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