Seven scribe Kevin Walker to pen Lone Wolf and Cub adaptation for Paramount

With comic book adaptations being all the rage, these days, it should come as no surprise that the Japanese manga market is steadily becoming a source of major Hollywood inspiration as well. Today, THR exclusively revealed that Justin Lin, director of three FAST & FURIOUS films as well as STAR TREK BEYOND and more, will produce an adaptation of LONE WOLF AND CUB for Paramount with an intent to direct as well.

In what's been reported so far, Lin will produce courtesy of his Perfect Storm banner with Marissa McMahon and Kamala Films. Lin has been attached to the property since 2012, and now, with the aid of SEVEN scribe Kevin Walker, the impassioned filmmaker hopes to bring the epic tale created by writer Kazuo Koike and artist Goseki Kojima to life on the big screen.

As the story goes, Koike and Kojima began publishing LONE WOLF AND CUB in Japan in 1970. The gritty revenge spic spans a total of nearly 9,000 pages and boasts a impressive amount of historical accuracy. The story centers on a shogun's executioner named Itto Ogami, who embarks on a path of revenge after his wife and the rest of his house is murdered, with no one left alive but his infant son. Itto is joined on this quest by his son, Daigoro, who, as he grows up, is trained to be a fearsome warrior whose skills are legend throughout the land. The two forge a father-son team of assassins for hire as they traverse the country and seek vengeance against the clan that killed their family.

With several key players now in place, Lin's cinematic adaptation of LONE WOLF AND CUB can finally get underway. If this project is of interest to you, and you'd like to make an early investment in the material, several films and two television series based on the property have already been released and are available to own, right now. Personally, I recommend securing a collection of the original manga series. Expertly written and complete with brutally breath-taking artwork, the serialized literary collection is truly the way to go. 

No casting or release date information is available at this time.



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