Several new hot shots are joining Tom Cruise for Top Gun: Maverick

The cast of TOP GUN: MAVERICK just got a whole lot bigger as several new actors have recently been added to the roster of the highly-anticipated sequel to the 1986 original film starring Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, Tim Robbins and Kelly McGillis. Now set to hot dog through the skies alongside previously announced cast members: Tom Cruise, Glen Powell, Jennifer Connelly, Val Kilmer, and Miles Teller are LEAVE NO TRACE and LUCY LEWIS CAN'T LOSE star Thomasin McKenzie, MASTERS OF SEX and THE GAME alum Jay Ellis, CHICAGO JUSTICE's Monica Barbaro, SNATCHED and GLOW actor Bashir Salanhuddin, THE LAST SHIP and PARIAH's Charles Parnell and ASSASSINATION NATION's Danny Ramirez.

Helming the high-flying follow-up is director Joseph Kosinski (TRON: LEGACY, OBLIVION, ONLY THE BRAVE), who will shoot from a script penned by Peter Craig (THE TOWN, BLOOD FATHER), Justin Marks (THE JUNGLE BOOK, COUNTERPART) and Eric Warren Singer (AMERICAN HUSTLE, THE INTERNATIONAL).

Of course, Cruise will be returning to his iconic role as ace pilot Pete "Maverick" Mitchell, only this time around he'll be acting as an instructor in charge of showing new recruits the ways of slicing through the big blue. Kilmer will also reprise his role as Mitchell's bitey rival, Tom "Iceman" Kazansky. Meanwhile, Connelly will play a new character who owns a watering hole located near the Naval base, while Miles Teller is set to act as the son of Maverick's deceased co-pilot, Goose.

Moving on down the line, McKenzie will play Connelly's daughter, with Parnell serving as an admiral in charge doling out orders. Ellis will step onto the scene as one of the new pilots, with Salahuddin arriving as a savvy engineer. Ramirez and Barbaro will also take to the skies, with Barbaro keeping a keen eye on Teller's actions and talents.

TOP GUN: MAVERICK will take flight in theaters on July 12, 2019.



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