Sex and the City theme

So Fergie has released her new song "Labels or Love", which will be the theme song for the upcoming SEX AND THE CITY movie. And you know when you hear a song by someone you usually hate and expect it to be absolutely terrible, and then to your surprise it's really great? I just love it when that happens. It's like when you reach your hand into the pockets of a pair of jeans you wore last week and find ten bucks. And yeah, this is nothing like that:

I was back and forth about this, but I came to the conclusion that I've gotta hit you with this thing early to immunize you. My arch-nemesis Ben Barna tells me he would never compromise his film standards for sex, but I just don't buy it. I'll be honest; I'm single at the moment so I expect to see SEX AND THE CITY at least five times this Summer. And if this song crept up on me in the cinema, well I'm pretty sure I would just stab a mother f*cker.
Extra Tidbit: On the upside I have no clue whatsoever, what Fergie is saying. On the downside I now know what pure evil sounds like.
Source: Empire



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