Sex, drinking, vulgarity and goats dominate new red band Goat trailer

GOAT is the upcoming movie about fraternity life, and the many misconceptions that come with it. On the outside it’s all boobs, beers, bros and shouting, but on the inside there’s a less talked about world of degradation and hazing that can cause a lifetime of mental damage. But, yes, there are still boobs, beer, bros and shouting. And thanks to the new red band trailer we get to see all of it.

The recently-dropped trailer shows off all the glamor of frat life while not forgetting to showcase the horrors. For every pair of boobs there’s a pledge on his knees getting doused in mud (I hope its mud), and for every beer consumed there’s a guy getting spit in the face. Oh, and we must not forget James Franco going bananas.

Enjoy the frivolity and mental anguish below!


The movie hasn’t been seen by many critics since it was screened earlier this year, but the current reviews for the flick praise the movie's truthfulness and focus on psychological torment, especially between the two brothers, Brad (Ben Schnetzer) and Brett (Nick Jonas). The film hits theaters in a few weeks so we will probably get a bunch of more reviews in around then. If you aren’t interested in seeing it for the exploration of the darkness around college life then do it for the boobs. There’s something for everyone!

GOAT is set for September 23 with Ben Schnetzer, Nick Jonas and James Franco.

Source: YouTube



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