Seyfried Sucker Punch

Is saucer-eyed MAMMA MIA cutie Amanda Seyfried up for some action with the guy behind 300 and WATCHMEN?

She will if filmmaker Zack Snyder gets his way. He's planning to commence work on his psychedelic female-fronted action flick SUCKER PUNCH later this year, and wants the up-and-coming star for one of his leads, so he admits to IESB. He also claims the action sequences will be "off the frickin' scale."

The movie (apparently going for a hard-R with an $85 million budget) is described as "ALICE IN WONDERLAND with machineguns", although when Snyder first announced the project a couple years back, he gave a bit more detail. The crazy fantasy is set in the 60s and "follows a girl who is confined to a mental institution by her evil stepfather, who intends to have her lobotomized in five days. While there, she imagines an alternative reality to hide her from the pain, and in that world, she begins planning her escape, needing to steal five objects to help get her out before she is deflowered by a vile man."

This also apparently involves dragons, B-52 bombers, brothels, and action scenes that aren’t limited by the boundaries of reality.

Snyder is currently working on the animated kids movie GUARDIANS OF GA'HOOLE, and is keeping his fingers crossed that WATCHMEN pleases both the fanboys and the studio's pockets.

The increasingly in-demand Seyfried (a long way from "VERONICA MARS" flashback victim) will be seen later this year with Megan Fox in the Diablo Cody-penned horror tale JENNIFER'S BODY.

Extra Tidbit: That's Seyfried with fellow sexy MEAN GIRL Lacey Chabert, who needs to be in more movies. Preferably in revealing clothing. Or not.
Source: IESB



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