Shadow of the Tomb Raider teaser trailer and official release date announced

With Roar Uthaug's TOMB RAIDER set to explore theaters this coming Friday, I can't think of a better opportunity for Square Enix to officially unveil Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which we now know will be released on September 14th for PC, Xbox One and PS4 (including PS4 Pro and Xbox One X versions). Set to debut as the third in the rebooted Tomb Raider video game series, the digital adventure is said to deliver "Lara Croft's defining moment" as she embarks on yet another death-defying mission into parts unknown.

You can watch the teaser trailer for the game below:

In heading over to the game's official website, you'll discover a countdown clock that is said to be ticking away until a full trailer for the game is revealed. There also appears to be a puzzle coming Monday at 9:00 AM PDT as well. How the puzzle will work and what new details it will uncover about the title are unknown at this time, obviously. Perhaps it's a behind-the-scenes game-development short? Maybe it's a gallery of really cool artwork or screenshots from the game? I suppose we'll just have to wait until Monday morning to know for certain.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled as information about Shadow of the Tomb Raider makes its way into the light online. Personally, I just want more of what made the first two rebooted games so damn good; and by that I mean how the studio took a classic franchise and made it feel new, again. Honestly, this feels very much to me like "The Year of the Lara", what with her film and a new video game on the way. Here's hoping that audiences embrace the limber, tomb-raiding heroine, and that we can expect much more from this legendary series as it rides a much-deserved wave of success.

TOMB RAIDER starring Alicia Vikander and Walton Goggins will arrive in theaters this Friday.

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