Shane Black calls The Predator the scariest installment of the series

Although the first we saw of THE PREDATOR didn't exactly blow me away, each new trailer and image has steadily increased my hype for upcoming film; plus, with Shane Black at the helm, I'm certain that we'll be in for a fun time. AMC Theatres has released a short behind-the-scenes featurette which shows off some new footage as well as interview clips, during which Shane Black boasts that THE PREDATOR is the "scariest one" of the franchise. Much of that fright factor seems to be attributed to the new Upgrade Predator™, a stronger, smarter, and deadlier version of the movie monster we've come to love over the past thirty years. Trevante Rhodes added that the new Predator will "scare the mess out of people," so it's probably a good idea to keep your brown pants at the ready.

Check out the featurette for yourself below, but be warned that it may show off a little too much.

If you're in the mood for more from THE PREDATOR, Total Film has released two new images from the upcoming film which show off the Fugitive Predator as well as Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook), a former Army Ranger who discovers the existence of the Predators. Shane Black added that although "some of the iconography’s been lost, there’s something very special still about the Predator. When I saw it in the room, I thought, ‘Oh, fuck, this is up to me now. I better make sure I bring my game here.'" Here's hoping that the film will be something special when all is said and done.

THE PREDATOR will hit theaters on September 14, 2018.

Source: AMC



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