Shane Black lets fly a few vaguely new details about Iron Man 3

Iron Man pic - sparks

We probably already know just about everything that we're going to know concerning IRON MAN 3's storyline for a long while, but during Disney's recent event at CinemaCon director Shane Black had a few things to say that provide good material to fuel the fire of speculation.

Black spoke while Disney was showing off a sizzle reel for its upomcing titles, dubbing IRON MAN 3 "a 'technological thriller' and a 'crisis movie' set in the world of 'international war, arms and terror,' saying that they will 'put Tony Stark through the wringer' as they explore the trials of being Tony Stark." And while the villain is as of yet unrevealed, Black assured audiences that the character played by Sir Ben Kingsley would "frighten in today's world."

Which leads to an interesting question - what would frighten you?

Tony Stark returns to cinemas without The Avengers for backup in a little over a year from now on May 3rd, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: Reportedly, Tom Cruise was for a while seriously interested in producing and starring in IRON MAN.
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