Sharknado 4 details and cast revealed by Syfy

It's hard to not watch SHARKNADO or any of its awful sequels. Yes, they're bad... Yes, they're ridiculous, but there is some entertainment value in a film freely admitting such and still asking you to come along for the idiotic ride. The SHARKNADO series has grown into a phenomenon and until people stop watching the movies in large numbers, Syfy is perfectly content watching The Asylum churn out more sequels that'll land sizable ratings for them.

A fourth SHARKNADO is on the way and earlier today Syfy released some details as to what we can expect and some of the cast that'll be caught in the crosswinds this time around.

First off, Tara Reid will be back to reveal how the general public in their social media campaign to decide if her character April lives or dies, and, as expected star Ian Ziering will be back again because... well, why wouldn't he? David Hasselhoff and Ryan Newman will be back to reprise their SHARKNADO 3 roles, too, as the band gets put back together.

The story will take place five years after the events of SHARKNADO 3 with the United States seemingly free from any other Sharknado occurrences during that time frame. But you know they're coming back, right? Syfy is keeping the how close to the vest for now.

But, as far as new cast is concerned, a fairly detailed character list was unveiled, giving you a peek as to what the SHARKNADO 4 world looks like now.

  • Gary Busey (LETHAL WEAPON), as Wilford Wexler, April’s father and a lead scientist at Astro-X. He’s at the forefront of advances in the field of robotics.
  • Tommy Davidson (BLACK DYNAMITE, IN LIVING COLOR), as Aston Reynolds, playboy tech billionaire. Aston is the CEO of tech company Astro-X, developers of a revolutionary energy system that can stabilize the atmosphere and prevent the formation of tornadoes.
  • Imani Hakim (EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS), as Gabrielle, Matt’s best friend and a fellow soldier. Gabrielle is tough and no-nonsense, can take care of herself and isn’t afraid to show what she’s capable of doing.
  • Cody Linley (HANNAH MONTANA, MELISSA & JOEY), as Matt, Fin and April’s eldest son. After surviving the first Sharknado, Matt finished flight school and joined the Army. He’s experienced the events of the last six years from afar and longs to reunite with his American Hero father.
  • Masiela Lusha (GEORGE LOPEZ), as Gemini, Fin’s cousin. Ever resourceful, Gemini is chock full of shark-busting attitude and is ready to dive into the fight once the sharks hit the fan.
  • Cheryl Tiegs (THE APPRENTICE), as Raye, Fin’s mother and Col. Gil Shepard’s ex-wife. Raye is a little bit of a former flower child, but not afraid to speak her mind or protect her family.

SHARKNADO 4 is currently in production but scheduled to premiere sometime in July.

Source: Syfy



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