Shawn Levy directing a Pinocchio prequel?

I get that Hollywood is prequel and sequel crazy at this point, but PINOCCHIO? Really? I mean, what the hell happens before he gets made?

Well, that would be a tale told in a script called THE THREE MISFORTUNES OF GEPPETTO, which would be Pinnochio’s creator who apparently was very interesting before his boy wonder came along. Enough to warrant his own movie it seems.

Even with THE THING prequel failing, Fox think that perhaps Pinocchio has a bigger fanbase, and they’re recruiting REAL STEEL’s Shawn Levy to helm it. I ultimately ended up liking that film way, way more than I thought I would, but it’s going to take a hell of a lot to convince me a Pinocchio prequel starring Geppetto is a good idea.

Interestingly enough, Levy is also attached to a FRANKENSTEIN film, another classic story being given a new twist. A slightly better concept, but only just.

Extra Tidbit: No, this is not Guillermo Del Toro’s stop motion Pinocchio project.
Source: Deadline



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