Shawn Levy might be putting Frankenstein in front of Fantastic Voyage 3D

I have to apologize to Shawn Levy. I can never unsee him as rad dude Jim in 1986s ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE. I should also apologize to you guys as well since I always bring it up. The film is just so amazingly terrible. For me, It's one of the best/worst movies ever.

With Fox delaying the shit out of FANTASTIC VOYAGE 3D, it seems that they are going to give FRANKENSTEIN to Levy. This doesn't mean that VOYAGE is off the table, it just means that he needs something to do in the meantime. But why FRANKENSTEIN of all things? This just doesn't feel like a good match. Not to mention that I've never been over the moon about any of Levy's directorial efforts. DATE NIGHT and NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM were okay in my book.

The latest version of FRANKENSTEIN was scripted by John Landis. Creative conversations are set to begin soon with hopes that the film could start in winter/spring. The goal is to get this thing out ahead of the other seven FRANKENSTEIN films that are in development. SEVEN.

Levy is circling other projects but it's likely that he will take FRANKENSTEIN.

Source: Deadline



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