Shawn Ryan's The Shield will be getting a "spectacular" 4K conversion

One of the grittiest, and dare I say best, police dramas ever to grace our television sets will soon be receiving a 4K face-lift setting in motion a Blu-ray release and updated streaming. The Shield, which ran for seven seasons on FX, followed Vic Mackey (Michael Chiklis) and his Strike Team as they used a variety of morally questionable methods to keep the streets clean and their pockets full. Series creator Shawn Ryan took to Twitter today to announce that Sony and Fox will be moving forward with a "spectacular" 4K conversion of the series.

Of course I finally purchased the complete series last Christmas (d'oh!) but it's gratifying to know that Shawn Ryan will be overseeing this new conversion and making sure that the series doesn't lose its gritty edge. If you've never checked out The Shield before, I highly recommend doing so, but I suppose you may want to hold off on buying the series until 2017. Our own Chris Bumbray covered The Shield for an installment of Binge Watchin', you can check that out right here!

Source: Twitter



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