Shazam! still coming to the DCEU in 2019 according to director

David F. Sandberg has had quite the career bump, going from making two-minute shorts with his girlfriend, to making a couple of low-budget (and not terribly well-received) horror films, to now helming one of the big tentpole DCEU films SHAZAM! Which is also strange that someone primarily associated with horror is working on one of the more wholesome superheroes; however, it worked with Sam Raimi (best known for the EVIL DEAD series prior to taking on SPIDER-MAN), so who knows.

Anyway, according to Comicbook Resource, there was a Reddit AMA interview where Sandberg revealed that SHAZAM! is still on track to be released in April 2019. This is due, according to him, because VFX-heavy films take a long time. However, the film still has no lead or villain (since The Rock, set to play Shazam!'s main baddie Black Adam, will be getting his own movie for some reason). So we'll probably get more information on that front soon.

So you guys excited for SHAZAM! to enter the DCEU? Either way, sound off below!

Extra Tidbit: So Schmoes, what villain would like to see Shazam! face off with?



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