Shepard Fairey's new Mondo poster for They Live is your new god of awesomeness

If the name Shepard Fairey sounds familiar to you, then it might be because of last year's brilliant documentary EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP, where the street artist was featured prominently. Fairey is the guy behind the "Andre the Giant Has a Posse" imagery which later became the now iconic "OBEY Giant" visual seen in cities throughout the country. And wouldn't you know it, Fairey was inspired by the 1988 cult classic THEY LIVE!

Now, thanks to Mondo, Fairey and director John Carpenter's film have collided and given birth to the fantastic poster you see below. The limited edition sheet was commissioned for a special screening of the film at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin last night. Patrons there were the first to get a chance to pick one up, but today they'll be going on sale for everybody.

If you're interested in trying to grab one, just start following @MondoNews on Twitter and keep checking back for the sale announcement. The 18" x 24" posters will be going for $50. Good luck! Knowing Mondo, you're gonna need it!

Extra Tidbit: F*ck remakes in general, but especially f*ck this one.
Source: Mondo



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