Sherlock gets Strong

Guy Ritchie's SHERLOCK HOLMES movie is coming together quick -- we've got minted A-lister Robert Downey Jr. as the legendary sleuth, and possibly Russell Crowe as his nemesis Moriarty. So who else is gonna be in this thing?

Ritchie let slip to Coming Soon that he's got up-and-comer Mark Strong in the cast as well. No word on who he's playing, but it's not Holmes' trusted comrade Watson -- that role hasn't been filled yet.

You'll definitely be seeing Strong in the near future -- besides Ritchie's own ROCKNROLLA, he appears with Viggo Mortensen in the historical drama GOOD and in Ridley Scott's thriller BODY OF LIES (with, coincidentally, Russell Crowe). And you may have seen him already and didn't recognize him -- he was pretty great as the most devious brother in STARDUST and the crazy cooked captain in SUNSHINE.


Extra Tidbit: Ritchie apparently has plans for some big action sequences in the movie, which you might not normally associate with the famed fictional detective.
Source: Coming Soon



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