Sherlock goes viral

Just this morning I received a mysterious envelope with a London postmark. Don't know many people over in London so my interest was immediately piqued. Inside were two cards that looked like coasters. There were half-words on each with a number on top. I realized the two cards were slit halfway and could be inserted into each other to complete the sentence. "Widen your gaze, Mr. Holmes."

Interesting. But far more interesting were the numbers at the top. Put together they reveal a URL: Once you figure out the password (look to Rachel McAdams for a hint), you get a message from a mysterious hooded man. He wants your help. This looks to be the start of a larger SHERLOCK HOLMES viral game as they want to further communicate with you on this "particular matter." I put in my address to see what kind of e-mails come of this and what fun it may unlock down the road. I recommend checking it out for yourself to see if you can unlock anything cool we haven't found yet...

Extra Tidbit: "Widen your gaze." Hmmmm...
Source: JoBlo.com



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