Shia LaBeouf will face off against Borg as John McEnroe in the tennis biopic

When Shia LaBeouf is not busy watching his own movies in reverse chronological order and or hanging out in elevators, he actually does like to make movies from time to time. Things have been a touch quiet on the LaBeouf cinematic front since FURY, but that's all going to change. The man has just signed on to star as John McEnroe in the tennis bio-pic, BORG/MCENROE.

For those of you who don't know what all the racket is about with tennis (you're welcome), McEnroe was known as somewhat of a hostile presence on the court, always taking on umpires and tennis authorities and throwing out the phrase, "You cannot be serious." His rivalry with Swedish tennis star Bjorn Borg resulted in 14 matches between the 70s and 80s.

LaBeouf has always been a solid actor, and I think this kind of period rivalry film can be a lot of fun if the tennis scenes are shot well. Given that documentary filmmaker Janus Metz will be directing this bad boy, I'm sure that'll help to give the film an air of authenticity. I don't know how great of a ball-handler LaBeouf is (tee hee hee) but given his commitment to every role, I'm thinking he might pick up a racket to work in some serious practice.

John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg rocking some awesome hairstyles, respectively.

Source: Flavor Wire



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