Shiloh Fernandez cast as male lead in The Evil Dead remake

Shiloh Fernandez (RED RIDING HOOD) has been cast for the male lead role in THE EVIL DEAD remake. No name for the character he'll be portraying is listed, but it's clear that it's not for Bruce Campbell's Ash, even if he has dark hair and features and bears a very striking resemblance to a young Bruce Campbell.  Hmmm....

According to Variety: Helmed and penned by Fede Alvarez, the pic is a reinvention of the 1981 cult classic about a group of teens who holed up in a remote cabin who discover a Book of the Dead that unleashes demons they cannot control. Though the plot is similar to the original, the idea is a new take, this time without the character of Ash.

Actress Lily Collins recently dropped out of the remake, allegedly for scheduling issues, so the hunt is on for a female lead.

I just get a "I don't knoooow" kind of feeling about this remake. It's just so f*cking unnecessary. How in the hell are they going to top a character like Ash? Yeah, they're starting "fresh" with no Ash, but that's about it.

I mean, if Shiloh Fernandez ends up acting kooky and strapping a chainsaw to his hand, but his name is Joseph, then it's not exactly a ripe concept, now is it?

Perhaps with Bruce Campbell, Robert Tapart, and original creator Sam Raimi producing we can expect proper guidance, but it still begs the question of why do it in the first place?

My excitement meter is at zero, but I'm open to a change of heart if it ends up looking good on the marketing side. For me, it has nothing to lose and eveything to gain.

Extra Tidbit: I don't care how fat and old Bruce Campbell is now, I'd much rather see him back in the role of Ash and doing a proper sequel to Army of Darkness. But...whatever.
Source: Variety



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