Shooting on the Entourage movie is now underway!

Fans of the popular HBO series ENTOURAGE were left with a cliffhanger after the final episode of the eighth season. How could they end the show with Ari getting a huge offer then just leave everyone hanging? We’ve come a long way since the debacle with ALF, right? Yeah, not even comparable, but no one likes to be left guessing.

Fortunately there were plans for a movie after significant interest was shown in continuing the debauchery with Ari and the boys. We heard about it for some time, and creator Doug Ellin was still in the process of writing a script. Then there were issues with getting the main cast in place amid talk that the movie wasn’t destined to happen. Finally late last year everything came together and the project was set to move ahead.

Now it looks like they have finally started shooting on the ENTOURAGE movie. Last week the gang got back together with Debi Mazar signed on to reprise her role as Shauna, and possibly Kate Upton as Vincent’s new lady friend. Cretor Ellin along with Adrian Grenier and Jerry Ferrara have been Instagraming their adventures thus far. Check them out below.

ENTOURAGE: THE MOVIE has no release date as of yet.

Source: THR



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