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If you've got a cool collection of DVDs, movie posters, toys, comic books, figurines, an awesome home theater set-up that you just have to share with the rest of the world of movie nerds who reside on this very site, then drop us a line at [email protected] with pics, videos and commentary about your nifty stuff and your collection might be the next one up here.


Please include any basic personal info on yourself, so others know who you are. Age, sex, geographical location, what you do in life, etc....

Take some pictures or videos of any cool shit you have in your pad, and send it along with your message to us. Make sure that every picture/video is explained and you don't just send us a bunch of pics and say "Here's my shit!", cause that's not what we're looking for. We need some words attached to the pics, what they are, where you might've got it, shit like that.

Try and zone in on a couple of your FAVORITE AND UNIQUE ITEMS and point those out as well. If possible, let our readers know WHERE you might've bought them, etc...

Name: Branden

Where: Egg Harbor Twp. New Jersey

Occupation: Movie Theater

Hello, my name is Branden, I live in Egg Harbor Twp. New Jersey. Im 20. I work at a movie theatre, I play in a death metal band called Ex Dementia (www.exdementia.net), and I am a frequent visitor on JoBlo.com. Here is what I call... The Nerdungeon.


This is the stairway to my room. The 30 Days of Night banner I got from my theatre. The movie alright, but the banner looked rad as hell, so I snagged that. I also got the Rambo theatrical poster from my theatre as well. The same goes for the 3 Tropic Thunder character posters.

There's the theatrical Rambo poster again. Along with the X-Files: I Want To Believe teaser. And the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull theatrical poster (there are way more of them to come).

Here you have: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Pepsi poster, Jaws poster, Texas Chainsaw Massacre poster, Blues Brothers poster, 2 more Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull mini-posters, Night of the Living Dead, and Friday the 13th posters, as well.

Leaving the midnight showing of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, I snagged like 100 mini-posters just sitting on the table. I have dispersed them through my whole room. To the right is the Rambo teaser poster which I got from work as well. And then the ONLY good thing about Papa Johns... The box. The pizza was fucking awful.

The Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull "banner" is really the bottom half of the standee (which you will see the rest of).

This is obviously, my Indy wall. I got the standee from my theatre. You'll notice that there is no Temple of Doom poster. Reason being... I dont like Temple of Doom at all. Though, I might get the poster in time, since it is one of the most badass Indiana Jones posters.

Here is the Rambo wall. I used to have all 6 of my Rambo posters together, but when I got the Indiana Jones standee, I had to move everything around. The Rambo III poster is a spanish import that I got for free.

this is kinda' a shitty picture, but you get the point. It's just a bunch of Indiana Jones, Terminator, X-Files, Jurassic Park, and Dawn of the Dead posters. On the sides are Night of the Living Dead and A Nightmare on Elm Street. Along with some Alice Cooper articles, and a feux-Lone Gunman newspaper.

Here is my command center. You cant really see it, but the two posters next to my computer are Street Trash and Bloodsucking Freaks. Along with some Revenge of the Sith action figures (with a preggers Padme!). Oh yeah, and a Raiders of the Living Dead (terrible TERRIBLE fucking movie!) poster with Texas Chainsaw Massacre just under it.

And then the Star Wars wall. Years back I wanted to do it for all 6 films. But then I realized, fuck that. Just double up on the real trilogy (eventhough I love Revenge of the Sith).

You can’t see it, but there's the Jaws toy poster, with the Midnight Video VHS of The Gore Gore Girls.

My action figures. A lot of Indiana Jones and Aliens. There's the T-Rex from Jurassic Park. A little Davy Jones action. Col. Sam Trautman, and scatter Star Wars figures. I got those Indiana Jones comics at this cool comic shop in Portland, Oregon while we flew over to play a fest.

My book collection. The one book, Creepy Crawls is a very cool book on all the horror travel destinations. I actually designed the website for it. You can check it out here: http://exdementia.net/creepycrawls/home.html. There's also an Alice Cooper, Flyboy (Dawn of the Dead), and Toxic Avenger figures.

DVD's, VHS's, CD's, and books continued.

Signed vinyl copy of Alice Cooper's Billion Dollar Babies by the man himself.

I got this signed by Joe Pilato (Capt. Rhoads from Day of the Dead) at a horror con.

Lithograph signed by Ken Foree and Lenny Lies (Machete zombie from Dawn of the Dead). Also from the same con.

Chop Top poster signed by Bill Mosely. It says, "Branden, lick my plate you dog dick!". He's such a sweetheart.

Well, that's my room. As it always will be, it's a work in progress. I still need to make room for my Lethal Weapon, Lethal Weapon 2, Lethal Weapon 3, Lethal Weapon 4, and Escape From New York posters.

Source: DVD Clinic



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