Showtime will produce Ron Howard's Aztec series Conquest

Ron Howard has been working on two ambitious television series for a while now. While I am still hoping against hope that THE DARK TOWER will make it to HBO, Showtime has grabbed Howard's other project.

The series will be called CONQUEST and will take place during the height of the Aztec civilization. Per Deadline, the show will tell the story of famed Spanish Conquistador Hernan Cortes, who led the Spanish conquest in Mexico, and his clash with Moctezuma II, the last ruler of the Aztec Empire which fell at the hands of Cortes and his men. Filled with blood, lust, gold, magic and mythology, CONQUEST is described as “a classic war story about two powerful men and their people ultimately leading to the destruction of the Aztec culture and the men themselves.”

Ron Howard will direct the pilot from a script by Jose Rivera (THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES). STAR TREK series writer Hans Beimler will be brought on board as a consultant.

The Aztec culture is ripe for an adaptation like this.  The mythology is dense and the culture clash with the Spaniards should make for interesting television.  With GAME OF THRONES doing so well, a big budget series like this could turn out to be a hit or not cost effective for the cable channel.  Both DEADWOOD and ROME were excellent but cost too much to produce.  Lets hope Howard's vision works for this and maybe gets him a little more pull for that DARK TOWER series.

Source: Deadline



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