Shrek 4 to open Tribeca Film Festival

I'm sure SHREK FOREVER AFTER is going to be a fine piece of animation that kids all over the world will eat up with a giant spoon. I saw about 45 minutes of the film last month and it's very much a SHREK film (for better or worse). That said, having a SHREK film opening the Tribeca Film Festival still seems like an odd choice. Then again, this is the same festival that allowed SPIDER-MAN 3 to screen so it's not exactly like they're battling with Cannes and Toronto for respectability.

I was under the impression that Tribeca would be making steps to be a little more competitive with the New York Film Festival, which while not exactly a top-tier fest, at least tries to emulate something like Sundance. It seems though that Tribeca is happy making more commercial choices with the idea that this is a festival for the average filmgoer. The filmgoer who will trek into the city and pay good money to see films a few weeks before they hit theaters (the festival was, after all, set up in a post-9/11 economy in New York City that needed a financial boost).

The Tribeca Film Festival will run from April 21st to May 2 and will announced it's full slate the week of March 10 - March 15. SHREK FOREVER AFTER hits theaters on May 21.

Extra Tidbit: I think I'll just stay home and wait this one out.
Source: JoBlo.com



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