Shudder streaming begins original programming, starting with Primal Screen

Shudder is a cool new streaming site that I'm sure many Schmoes have heard about by now, as it deals exclusively in horror, cult, and exploitation films. Their library includes films such as  Alice Lowe¹s critically acclaimed horror-comedy PREVENGE, popular J-Horror franchise mash-up SADAKO VS. KAYAKO, and the hit Swedish series JORDSKOTT (as well as categories like HEXES AND OOHS, BITES, and COMEDY OF TERRORS).

However, despite its extensive library, Shudder has decided - like Netflix and Amazon before it - to delve in the arena of original content. Their first will be a new horror documentary from Rodney Ascher (ROOM 237) called PRIMAL SCREEN that "explores the pop-culture artifacts that traumatized individuals in their youth and the effects it has had on their lives."

Here's what Ascher had to say about the project: 

Fear, obsession, and people¹s attempts to understand these things are a particular focus of mine...[and] Shudder was a fantastic partner and they gave me the freedom to dive deep into this new rabbit hole. I¹m thrilled to present Primal Screen on a streaming service that showcases an expansive collection of Mario Bava films, a wide selection of horror-documentaries and a great variety of thrilling entertainment.

And here's a teaser for the film:

Not only that, but the burgeoning streaming service is also working on some more original programming, which includes:

RIPRORE: ­ In the heart of gangland Los Angeles, a gruesome discovery sparks a frenetic Homicide Investigation; but underneath the surface lurks a darkness that leads to the end of days. From by Sam Sheridan (former MMA fighter and Author of A FIGHTER¹S HEART and THE DISASTER DIARIES) and with Patty Jenkins (WONDER WOMAN) attached.

THE BLONDES: ­ A woman treks to find the father of her unborn child, while navigating a world where blonde haired women could turn into rabid monsters at any moment. Based on the novel by Emily Schultz and executive Produced by J. Todd Harris, Marc Marcum and Branded Entertainment.

DEADWAX: ­ A short form series about the hunt for a mysterious record that drives its owners mad... and kills anyone who dares to play it.  From Graham Reznick, co-writer of UNTIL DAWN and director of I CAN SEE YOU.

UNTITLED ARKASHA STEVENSON PROJECT: ­ A serial killer series loosely based on Ted Bundy and his relationship with his long-time girlfriend, written and directed by Arkasha Stevenson (PINEAPPLE).

Meanwhile, PRIMAL SCREEN will begin streaming on Shudder June 8th.

Extra Tidbit: I still like the theory of THE SHINING that states there are a bunch of clues pointing to Stanley Kubrick admitting his guilt for faking the moon landing.
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