Simon Pegg and Mike Myers join Margot Robbie for the thriller Terminal

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TERMINAL follows Bill, a terminally ill and irritatingly fussy man who seeks refuge in an all night cafe and falls into conversation with Annie (Margot Robbie), beautiful waitress and macabre confidante. Across the Precinct, locked in a cramped and filthy apartment, hardened killers (Max Irons and Dexter Fletcher) are lying in wait to carry out a hit, and driving each other insane. The stories eventually butt heads and as is the case with these sorts of things...nothing is as it seems! While Robbie will be the clear lead of this one, we now have two more big names to add to the list: Simon Pegg and Mike Myers!

Terminal will make the feature-film debut of writer/director Vaughn Stein, who's served as assistant director on films such as WORLD WAR Z and HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART TWO. I can't speak to Stein's skills, but I'd love to see both Pegg and Myers in something a little more dramatic. As for Robbie...well, you can't really go wrong with her at the moment! If the cast is any indication of the quality of the story, we should be in for a treat!

I'll take Myers with an accent.

Source: Deadline



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