Simon Pegg says Tarantino's Trek movie won't be "Pulp Fiction in space"

When it was reported that Paramount and Quentin Tarantino may be teaming for a STAR TREK movie people began wondering what a TREK movie from him may look like. Would Spock and Kirk be flinging F-bombs during long-winded conversations? Well, Simon Pegg doesn’t believe that will be the case, and thinks Tarantino will deliver something fans of the franchise will be able to respect.

The actor was speaking with ComingSoon recently and spoke about how TREK fans can rest easy, as Tarantino has a such a strong knowledge of the series and would never do anything to diminish its impact. 

 Everyone sort of assumes it’s gonna be like “Pulp Fiction” in space, but I think his devotion to “Trek” and his understanding of it… It won’t be ordinary, it’ll have him all over it, but it won’t be anything a “Star Trek” fan will have to worry about. He has an acute understanding of the story and he’d never do anything to tear it down. I haven’t read the treatment yet, but I might be able to in the next couple of weeks, so I’m excited about that.

To this day it’s hard to believe Tarantino would get to make such a large-scale film, but his movie seems to become more and more of a possibility every day. News broke recently that two TREK movies are in the works, with one being directed by S.J. Clarkson. People assumed it would be based off a script by Pegg and Doug Jung (who wrote STAR TREK BEYOND), but Pegg said they are in fact not writing the script.

You know what, I’m not developing the next “Star Trek” at all. I think that’s a bit of confusion because I’m working on something with Doug at Bad Robot but it’s not the next “Trek.”

Tarantino has a style of directing that film fans know and recognize, but he’s never worked on something the size of TREK in terms of both sheer scale and popularity. Simply doing TREK as if it was DJANGO UNCHAINED or INGLORIOUS BASTERDS may not transfer well, and Tarantino is smart enough to know that. But, I think we should expect some Tarantino flair. What’s a Tarantino movie without at least one blood geyser, right?

Source: ComingSoon



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