Simon Pegg shares new Star Trek Beyond story details

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Not much is known about the plot of STAR TREK BEYOND, however star and co-writer Simon Pegg revealed some new info about the upcoming film during an interview with Empire.

The STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS sequel takes place two years into the Enterprise's five-year mission, and Pegg says, "They’ve come to rest at a Federation outpost, a sort of diplomatic hub." But their downtime doesn't last for long, thanks to Idris Elba's Krall, who doesn't share the same ideals as the Federation.

Pegg went on to say “What’s the point of it all?” is the question that drives Captain Kirk and his crew in the third installment of the rebooted franchise before adding, “We’re gathering a great community within the galaxy, but to what end? What does it all mean?”

Empire also spoke with Justin Lin, and the director says he "felt like it was important to really deconstruct the idea of Star Trek, the idea of the Federation and why it’s special," since this year marks the 50th anniversary of the original television series. Lin then said they'll "really be poking at a lot of different things" with the new Star Trek movie.

Like Pegg, I also wasn't that impressed with the first trailer, but as a big Star Trek fan I can't wait to see what BEYOND has in store for us.

STAR TREK BEYOND will be in theaters on July 22, 2016.

Source: Empire



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