Sing-off flick Pitch Perfect lays down four colorful character banners

Pitch Perfect 656 title

The tagline "get pitch slapped" is so bad that it's good. Good like I kept cracking up in the theater long after the trailer had ended and MAGIC MIKE had begun.  Then I continued cracking up, though I eventually did have fun with Soderbergh's descent into the hairy (so to speak) world of male stripping.

Anna Kendrick is so cute that I can't completely write this off, but it you could even hear lines in the trailer that she was only half-delivering because she's in a sing-off movie with the tagline "get pitch slapped."

We'll update this article if a larger poster size comes along.

And because I'm just a sucker for this incredibly bad-but-good tagline: get pitch slapped October 5th.

Pitch Perfect orange banner

Pitch Perfect green banner

Pitch Perfec red banner

Pitch Perfect purple banner

Extra Tidbit: "Blows under pressure." Sounds like a messy habit. But perhaps I'm just blowing the meaning out of proportion - maybe it just means that she gets really sucky when the pressure mounts? In other news, have I crossed the line yet? Because if not, I can keep going. I've got more. I can last.
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