Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon: Guardians of the Galaxy (video)

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The theory goes that we are all connected by no more than six degrees of separation.  This is also true in Hollywood. Here at The JoBlo Movie Network, we believe that any artist in the industry can be connected to the center of the entertainment universe: Kevin Bacon. You will soon discover that this prolific superstar is what holds everything together the interweaving web of cinema. Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is a true pop cultural phenomena. It quickly became a trivia game amongst movie nerds around the world; connecting us all through a game about connecting people...

The mission of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is to connect a person to actor Kevin Bacon through six or less people, usually actors or filmmakers who have been in a movie or had some kind of a relationship Mr. Bacon. Example: OJ Simpson was in CAPRICORN ONE (1977) with actor Elliot Gould, who was in THE BIG PICTURE (1989) with Kevin Bacon. Get it? We are all connected to Kevin Bacon.

This controversial idea came about when Kevin Bacon joked that he had worked with everyone in Hollywood or someone had worked with them. When this game was invented, Kevin Bacon's joke turned out to be true. In this new video series, we will explore this Bacon theory in depth. JoBlo will show the world that we may all be a little closer than we thought and it is all thanks to that guy from TREMORS. Today we shall connect an all star ensemble Marvel cast to the Bacon man.

This is Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.


Source: JoBlo.com



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