Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon: Planet of the Apes (video)

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Every single person (and ape) can be connected to Kevin Bacon by no more than six degrees. That is a fact; a factual fact! We live on a planet full of monkeys (and people) that need to discover the truth. Kevin Bacon is the center of the entertainment universe, it all revolves around him. Even if the apes take over, their new civilization will still feel the effects of the Bacon. Kevin can be connected to the filmmakers and actors of the original, the reboot and the re-reboot of PLANET OF THE APES movie franchise. Through the career of Kevin Bacon, we will show you how powerful PLANET OF THE APES franchise really is. Spanning decades and spawning many sequels, these films have helped the art of science fiction cinema evolve. From make-up to motion capture, Kevin is connected to it all. So grab a banana or a machine gun and hop on your nearest horse because it is time for the newest episode of SIX DEGREES OF KEVIN BACON: PLANET OF THE APES.

Source: JoBlo.com



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