Six new images from The Dark Knight Rises featuring bats, cats, bane, and JGL

Yesterday we showed the cover for Entertainment Weekly's summer movie preview, featuring Batman and Catwoman, respectively, and now we have some high res scans from the article.  Most of these images we've seen in some form before with the exception of Bane in his green jumpsuit.  I guess it's good to see he'll have some sort of costume change from his muscle shirt and pimp coat. 

As my excitement level starts to transistion from movie to movie throughout the summer, I think THE DARK KNIGHT RISES will be sliding into first on my hype-o-meter, sitting safely alongside PROMETHEUS.  No word yet on a new trailer, but I'm sure it's forthcoming, hopefully in a month or so.  Keep your eyes peeled.

Here's the images:

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES opens on July 20, 2012

Extra Tidbit: Watching the six-minute prologue really made me want to see Nolan tackle a straight action film next. He's primed for it.



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